Soft Plastics

All of our soft plastics are Hand Poured. All of our plastic baits contain salt and scent. We have all the popular colors plus a few of our own special creations. We carry a wide variety of styles to suit any anglers needs.

Our Hand poured and Hand painted jigs are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors to suit any anglers needs.

                                      Skirted Jigs

Our Hand tied Skirted jigs are available in a large variety of colors, weights and styles. Just like our standard jigs all of our skirted jigs are made with premium Mustad hooks.

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Also Available At:

The Bait Shop

2574 Airport rd. 

Waterford, Mi.

The Pantry Truck Stop

10455 Bayshore Dr.Rapid River, Mi.   off of us 2.

Our goal is to offer tournament quality products at a budget friendly price. All Products are handmade in Michigan. We have many colors and bait styles to suit any anglers needs.