Colors Available
                          5" Sniper
A deadly weapon in the CTC arsenal. Great rigged wacky or Texas.
Howitzer, a great weapon for flipping into heavy cover when the fish get in the thick stuff.
All soft plastics contain salt and scent
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The A10 Thunderbolt is a 10.5" Ribbontail worm with lot of action. When you need the big bite send in the  thunderbolt.
The Pathfinder worm rigged on a dropshot will trigger a strike from even the most finicky fish

5" Apache

4" Pathfinder

4" Ranger

5" Ranger

4" Tube

4" Trooper

5" K-Bar

3.5" Stinger

3" Sergeant

3" Recondo

4" Claymore

The Ranger is one of the most versatile baits in the CTC arsenal. Great rigged weightless, texas, Carolina,or on a jig. A great choice when the bite gets tough. Available in 4 and 5 inch sizes.

4" Howitzer

Our 4" tube is a slender hand injection poured bait. The slim body is ideal for inserting a football head jig to imitate the goby profile. Also great texas rigged.

The Trooper is great Texas rigged, as a big jig trailer, or cut in half as a smaller chunk trailer.

The K-Bar is a versatile bait. Great used weightless texas as a jerk bait, as a trailer on jigs and spinnerbaits. a good choice to pair with the CTC Tomahawk

The 3.5" Stinger is a great trailer for the CTC Tomahawk, Swim jigs and Spinnerbaits.

The Sergeant is a single tail grub that has lots of action with a small profile. a versatile bait that is a good addition to any anglers arsenal.

A-10 Thunderbolt

The Claymore is a very versatile bait in the CTC arsenal. An excellent Drop Shot bait. Great choice when the bite gets tough.

The Apache is a good choice for a Carolina rig or Texas rig. The rings on the body and double tails provide this bait with tons of action.

The Recondo is an excellent slender profile twintail grub with tons of action. Great trailer choice when a smaller profile is desired 


Baby Bass

Baby Bass Gold Flake

Baby Bass Magic

Baby Bass Magic Lite

Watermelon Candy

Watermelon Red Flk.

Wat. Purple Flake

Green Pumpkin

Grn. Pump. Prpl flake


Black Blue Flake

Purple Haze



Aqua Explosion

Motor Oil

Motor Oil Smoke

Cinnamon Prpl flake


Chartreuse Pepper

Pearl White

Fl. Orange

 4 and 5 Inch Ranger